China Topic Resources

Introducing the China Topic Core Files

Our core file set consists of four affirmatives that can be found on our student resource page. Topic area experts from The Asia Group have created short introductions for arguments that can be used to help introduce new arguments.

South China Sea Affirmative

South China Sea Introduction
​South China Sea and ASEAN Explanation

North Korea Affirmative

​North Korea- China Relations Introduction

Japan Relations Disadvantage

​US-Japan-China Relationship

Researching China

Topic area experts from The Asia Group have assembled a library of articles, books, blogs and other sources to stay up to date on developments in US-China relations.

 Here are quick links to their suggested news sources and blogs.
You can subscribe to our "China Topic Research" Twitter list to keep up to date on developments during the debate season.
Access The Asia Group's full resource list here.

Debate Training Videos

Resources Guides

Teaching Argumentation & Debate

Debaters' Guide

We realize that starting off as a debater can be challenging. We have assembled the following pages to provide you advice on several aspects of learning how to debate. You might choose to work your way through this guide in order, or you

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