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Financial Literacy Debate Series Support Videos

Financial literacy education has been highlighted by federal and state agencies, as well as financial institutions, as an area in need of significant investment and improvement. Recognizing that debate is a particularly rigorous activity for addressing complex concepts, the Citi Foundation has supported NAUDL in creating this unique opportunity to students in 7 cities across the country.

Additional Financial Literacy Debate Series Support Materials

Volunteer Judge Preparation

Thank you for volunteering to judge. This is a role that anyone can fulfill with a little preparation and that brings great value to individual students.
To prepare for your role, please download and read the Guide for Judges (in documents list below) and watch the video Judge Training Video for Financial Literacy Debates (the first thumbnail above). You may also wish to watch some or all of the 2015 Final Round (the second in the list).

These, along with the orientation you will receive at the tournament, should provide you with all you need to be an effective judge in this series. If you would like more preparation, webinars will be available soon! 

Documents for Volunteer Judges 

Guide for Judges


Student Audience Ballot

Documents for Students and Coaches

Guide for Students

Guide for Coaches

PowerPoint for Education Seminar

Key Concepts and Seminar Activity Sequence 

Scales Worksheet 

Using Zoom

Student Pre-assessment Link

Student Post-assessment Link


Student Survey

Teacher Surve