10th Annual Dinner April 20th honoring Leonard Gail

NAUDL's 10th Annual Dinner is honoring Board Chair Leonard Gail who is retiring after 10 years of service. To learn more about the event and sponsorship opportunities click above. Thank you.

Good News From Schools Atlanta Urban Debate

Shiloh Middle School recently started a debate team and hosted a competition and four of the six teams went undefeated in the Atlanta Urban Debate League contest were from Shiloh.

Politics Belong in the High School Debate Club As a high school debater in the 1980s, I fondly remember debating the major controversies of the day. Should the U.S. government act to improve the quality of the nation’s water?
The 1 Skill that Will Raise Your Value by 50% The dividends on the investment you make in sharpening your communication skills will pay off for the rest of your career. Don't take my word for it. The one skill is public speaking. The dividends on the investment will pay off.
Lawyer Limelight: Stuart Singer

It's the sport of champions-legally speaking. Just ask more than a few members of the Lawdragon 500. It's all about debate, and few were early champions as early as Stuart Singer.

Debates help students improve skills Should the U. S. federal government regulate genetic testing? Five hundred middle-schoolers from around the city argued for and against this hot-button issue during a recent debate at IN-Tech Academy in Kingsbridge...