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Lawyer Limelight: Stuart Singer

It's the sport of champions-legally speaking. Just ask more than a few members of the Lawdragon 500. It's all about debate, and few were early champions as early as Stuart Singer.

Debates help students improve skills Should the U. S. federal government regulate genetic testing? Five hundred middle-schoolers from around the city argued for and against this hot-button issue during a recent debate at IN-Tech Academy in Kingsbridge...
Projections of High School Graduates For 40 years, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) has produced Knocking at the College Door, projections of high school graduates.

Boston Debate League celebrates 10th anniversary The school day has ended at Edward M Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, but a group of about ten high schoolers remain gathered in Ms. Litten’s classroom. These Boston students are sticking around for their after-school debate practice.
Local high school debaters get a taste of UChicago On a recent visit to the University of Chicago, high school students from the city’s South and West sides learned they already had taken a step toward preparing for the rigorous inquiry for which the University is known...
Oakland students debate proposed tax on soda Two weeks before November’s national election, two Bay Area Urban Debate League members debated a hot local ballot measure in downtown Oakland. Megan Ma and Aiden Koontz, both Oakland Tech High School students, took the podium...