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NAUDL Network Highlights

Aug 29, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020


Urban Debate Network: League Highlights

See the latest from our leagues as they promote community through virtual outreach, programs and engagement activities for their debaters!

A Message from NAUDL
Perspective and Strength in Community

Dallas Urban Debate League (Dallas ISD News Hub)
Debate students shine in essay competition hosted by Dallas Urban Debate League

Chicago Debates
Chicago League Enlists Special Guests to Celebrate its End of the Year Award Winners: High School Debater of the Year and Community Coach of the Year 

Los Angeles Urban Debate League (LAMDL)
“Debate to Great” Livestream Series

Minnesota Urban Debate League
A Criminal Justice Reform Documentary Watchlist

Sillicon Valley Urban Debate League (SVUDL)
Students Remain Resilient and Engaged Despite the Challenges of School Closures
SVUDL’s Virtual Field Trip to the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Tulsa Debate League
Democracy Builders Partners with FCC, Comcast, Cox, Facebook and Qualcomm to bring high school debate to VR

Washington Urban Debate Leauge (WUDL)
WUDL Hosts Q&A with Hon. Steven Leifman on new PBS documentary: Definition of Insanity


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