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2020 Debater of the Year Finalist Profile

Kiara Roumayah

“Debate helped me find my voice and I’ll never be silent as long as I have the opportunity and the choice to speak what I see.”

League: Detroit
School: University High School Academy
College/Career Interests: PPE- Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Proud of her “Motor City” roots of toughness and grit, Kiara Roumayah is a debater, a coach, a Spanish tutor, and a varsity athlete. Debate has cultivated Kiara’s passion for learning and opened her mind to a breadth of information and perspectives. It has also been a safe haven that has cultivated a broad intellectual curiosity. Power lies in action for Kiara and she will take this philosophy with her as she seeks to promote social justice and equity in her community. She’ll succeed, no doubt, says Kiara’s nominator, who believes that Kiara will be a leader in any capacity she chooses for herself.


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