042018 NAUDL Tournament Washington DC CD 0136 1

Unit 1

Basics of Structured Argumentation and Debate Rounds

Each unit is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to compete in the coming tournament. Tournament 1 (T-1) can be very overwhelming for new debaters.

We strongly believe that the first novice rounds should be limited to:

  • COMMON FILES – We believe students should begin with the benefit of well-structured files that all teams use.
  • ONE CASE – We believe that the first case students use should be a model for a well-designed case. We provide a manageable 1AC in our core files.
  • CASE ARGUMENTS ONLY – We believe students should start with stock issues in order to learn the fundamentals of logic and clash. We provide a Neg packet to accompany the 1AC.
  • COACHING CROSS-X – We believe that the students would benefit more from an open cross-x where the judge guides and prompts.

The lessons in this unit will introduce your new students to:

  • debate structure and language
  • components of an argument
  • responding to an argument
  • flowing
  • debate round structure
  • roles of each debater during a round.
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