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Videos to Enhance Instruction and Build Awareness

NAUDL is grateful for the support of Michigan State University Debate.   



This section contains multiple pages, with containing eight videos. The page selection buttons are at the bottom. We will be adding instructional videos to this set of pages throughout the summer and fall. We encourage any feedback on topics and content.

Students, click on the title to download Guide to Policy Debate: A Beginners Guide to Competing in Policy DebateThis guide provides additional detail and references. Click HERE to download t glossary of debate terms. 

Inroduction To K Part 1

Topic And K Part 2 Hagwood

Topic And K Part 3.1 Hagwood

Topic And K Part 3.2 Hagwood

Atlanta Urban Debate League Demo Debate

Chicago, The Impact Of Debate

Washington DC, The Impact Of Debate

Personal Finance Basics, Prep For The Financial Literacy Debate Seminars

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