Coach of the Year


The Coach of the Year award recognizes that teachers who coach debate are essential to help Urban Debate Leagues meet their core mission: helping students to become more academically successful and civically engaged through the support and rigor of debate. This award honors that work.

We are asking each league to nominate one coach for the award. The winner will attend the Annual Dinner in Dallas, TX where they will be recognized for their work with students.



  • Teach and coach high school
  • Full-time teacher at the school they coach
  • Coaching in the league for at least a year
  • Coach at a school with a free/reduced lunch rate of at least 75%

Key Dates

  • Jan 10 Application Opens
  • Feb 14 Application Due
  • Feb 21 Coach of the Year Announced
  • April 2 Annual Dinner

 PROFILE: 2019 Coach of the Year Conor Cameron

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