Debater of the Year

Urban debaters are winners
not just in debate, but also in life.

2019 Debater of the Year Profile: Jonathan Collins


Urban debate helps them beat the odds and find a path to success. Every year, NAUDL recognizes the life-changing power of debate through its Urban Debater of the Year Award. NAUDL gives this award to a high school senior who has demonstrated: dedication to debate; improvement in his or her performance in debate and in school; and leadership in his or her school, debate league, and community.

Anyone in the urban debate community — a coach, a debater, a league staff member — can nominate a student for this award. From a group of talented debaters and accomplished students, NAUDL chooses a winner and several finalists. All receive college scholarship awards, and the Debater of the Year delivers a speech at the Annual Dinner.


Watch Jonathan’s Debater of the Year Speech

2019 Debater of the Year Profile: Jonathan Collins

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