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His new school didn’t have a debate team, so this track star founded one

Determination and Charisma

February 28, 2024 (Washington Post) – When considering a transfer to McKinley Tech ahead of his junior year, track standout Ayotunde Ejiko came across one major negative: McKinley didn’t have a debate team.

Ejiko had participated in debate for five years. It was a big part of his life, just like track and field. He and his debate partner at Phelps High in Northeast Washington had recently traveled to the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues’ JV nationals.

Ejiko made the move to McKinley, and his track career soared. Next month, he will participate in three events at Nike Indoor Nationals in New York. But the transfer didn’t mean Ejiko gave up on pursuing his other obsession.

There wasn’t a debate team at McKinley, so he created one. That team didn’t have a coach, so he became one. Now, the Cornell commit isn’t just thriving on the track; he’s spearheading McKinley’s debate program while balancing his two passions.

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