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Who We Are

NAUDL Mission:

Advancing debate education in urban public schools to amplify youth voices and to develop confidence for future success.

NAUDL Vision:

All youth graduate from high school as engaged civic leaders with expanded college and career opportunities.


NAUDL is the national leader in the urban debate movement, preparing the next generation to lead and succeed. Through urban debate, students learn critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. They also discover their passion for learning and become empowered to succeed.

More than a decade ago, NAUDL executed a plan to expand the urban debate network and launched 10 new urban debate leagues.  Today, nearly 11,000 students debate in 22 leagues across the country.  NAUDL works to strengthen the network by providing funding, coaching curricula, educational resources, general management support  — with a strategic goal of reaching 20,000 debaters by 2023.

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