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The Gift of a Good Argument

December 13, 2021 (The New York Times) - In this opinion piece, The New York Times Writer Jay Caspian Kang invites you to give to debate ... Read More

Students are Invited to Pitch their Ideas for Regulating Social Media as Part of a Project

November 30, 2021 (Cengnews) - Newsweek, with NAUDL and the Boston and D.C. Urban Debate Leagues, hosts debate contest on the effects of social media... Read More

Project Invites Students to Pitch Social Media Regulation Ideas

November 30, 2021 (Newsweek) - NAUDL, with Boston and Washington, D.C., partner leagues, collaborate with team from the "Social Dilemma" documentary ... Read More

‘Newsweek’ Initiative Encourages Gen Z To Debate Impact Of Social Media

November 26, 2021 (Publishers Daily) - Debaters from the Washington and Boston Urban Debate Leagues examine regulation and social media ... Read More

Perspective: What’s in a Network?

November 19, 2021 - In this month's Perspectives, Rhonda Haynes takes a closer look at the importance of building a strong network ... Read More

Perspective: Never Deny Your Own Intuition

October 8, 2021 - - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Rhonda Haynes shares a particularly personal perspective on intuition and self-advocacy ... Read More

Program Perspective: A Student-Centered Approach to the Topic Meeting

August 30, 2021 - NAUDL's Director of Programs gives an inside look at the annual Policy Debate Topic selection process and how leagues can take part... Read More

NAUDL Executive Director Featured in Harvard Business School “SPNM Perspectives” Series

Aug. 19, 2021 - Rhonda Haynes shares her experience in Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management – Virtual (SPNMV) Executive Education program ... Read More
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