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2020 Debater of the Year Profile

Olivia Northcutt-Wyly

“That knowledge I was gathering was POWER — and I knew that, if wielded correctly, I could make some serious changes.”

Olivia Northcutt-Wyly, 2020 Debater of the Year
League: Dallas Urban Debate Alliance
School: School of Science and Engineering Magnet School
Career Aspiration: Bioethics and Epidemiology

Olivia Northcutt-Wyly is a 2x National Qualifier and seasoned debate champion. Her coach says that Olivia is vital to the operations of her leagues and one of the most resilient people she knows. Her passions don’t just extend to debate, as Olivia is the founder of an organization called Chronically Challenged, that provides tutoring services for chronically ill children.

Debate has taught Olivia research and public speaking skills that have allowed her to create real-time change for herself and her community and peers. Debate has also given Olivia and independence she never thought possible. Congratulations, Olivia! 

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