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2023 Urban Debate National Championship

Celebrating and Elevating the Urban Debate Network

2023 UDNC

March 31 – April 2
Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Dallas, TX 

NAUDL’s Urban Debate National Championship (UDNC) returns to an in-person event this year and we are so thrilled to welcome student qualifiers and coaches to the SMU campus for this marquee tournament.

Each of our 22 league partners will be eligible for two varsity high school debate pairs to compete. Teams must consist of students who attend the same school and qualifiers must compete in at least three league-sponsored tournaments during the current academic year.

Additionally, we’re excited that to once again host an evidence-limited JV division for the first time. The goal of this division is to reward diligent JV debaters who have persisted in debate during the last few seasons. Participation will also provide an opportunity for more debaters to see themselves as part of the broader urban debate community.

Finally, the UDNC will also host the annual NAUDL Coach Appreciation ceremony, celebrating the commitment and dedication of the nearly 500 coaches in the Urban Debate Network.

Questions about the UDNC? Contact Taylor Beck at taylorbeck@urbandebate.org.

Note: The below names are from the most recent UDNC. This year’s (2023) qualifiers will be announced in early Spring!

2022 UDNC Participants

Each year, our 22 league partners receive two entries for high school debate pairs to compete at NAUDL’s Urban Debate National Championship (UDNC). (This year, we also added a special JV Division.) Teams must consist of students who attend the same school and qualifiers must compete in at least three league sponsored tournaments during the current academic year. After a season of preparation, these hard-working and dedicated students qualified for this year’s championship:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

Atlanta Urban Debate League 
Creekside High School
JV: Jazmine Afolayan & Elaina Preston
Coach: Timothy Richmond

Decatur High School
Varsity: Maddock Thomas & Max Vankruijssen
Coach: Beth McMahon

Druid Hills High School
Varsity: Link Kell & Jack Peta
JV: Eli Leeth & Gianna Walker
Coach: Brett Flater

Bay Area Urban Debate League
Oakland Technical High School
Varsity: Nathaniel Ashley & Ashley Quach
Coach: Amy Gorell

Skyline High School
JV: Reed Bronkowski & Sam Gumas
Coach: Christine Harris

Boston Debate League 
Josiah Quincy Upper School
JV: Kevin Tan & Christina Yang
Coach: Yingman He

Somerville High School
JV: Ana Luna Maldonado Clougherty & Evelyn Flores
Coach: Carlos Contreras

Chicago Debates
Eric Solorio Academy High School
Varsity: Nichole Garcia & Jario Villalobos-Hernandez
JV: Lluvia Gonzalez & Zucie Lopez
Coach: Conor Cameron (NAUDL 2019 Coach of the Year)

Gary Comer College Prep
JV: Khalesa Brown & Loriana Calhoun
Coach: Stephanie Jenks

Kenwood Academy High School
Varsity: Khamari Hall & Amanti Washington
Coach: Joyce Harduvel

Dallas Urban Debate Alliance 
The Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet
JV: Hope Habia & Sarahi Vasquez
Coach: Mary Gregg

North Dallas High School
JV: Bryan Rivas & Deanna Straughan
Coach: Tiffany Enloe

Trinidad “Trini” Garza Early College High School at Mountain View
JV: Michelle Cortas & Jasper (Esmerelda) Equihua-Sanchez
Coach: Daniel Estevao

School for the Talented and Gifted at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center
Varisty: Francesca Gilbard & Joseph Suek
Coach: Alfonso Correa

Denver Urban Debate League
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College
Varsity: Angel Amankwaah & Atalia Lee
Coach: Rachel Bruce (NAUDL 2022 Coach of the Year)

Mapleton Public Schools 
JV: SeAnn Angel & Alexandra Olivares
Coach: Josh Hirsch

Northfield High School
Varisty: Alexander Hogrewe & Ethan Quach
Coach: Olivia Allen

Vista PEAK Preparatory 
JV: Madinatou Kouanda & Angel Lin
Coach: Mark Kimball

Detroit Urban Debate League
Berkley High School
JV: Ava Cohen & Maddie Watts
JV: Zack Kirkwood & Nina Warrow
Coach: Scott Warrow

Loyola High School Detroit
Varsity: Darnyl Copeland & Alexander Mayers
Coach: Kathryn Gross-Jacek

University High School Academy
Varsity: Adrien Edwards & Liam Teasdle
Coach: Daniel Minadeo


Minnesota Urban Debate League
Saint Paul Central High School
Varsity: Maren Lien & Cayden Mayer
Coach: Marshall Steele

Houston Urban Debate League
Alief Kerr High School
Varsity: Al Nahiyan & Ajibola Yerokun
Coach: Derek David

Heights High School
Varsity: Matthew Gonzales-Gordon & Alexander Prieto
Coach: Isaac Chao

North Houston Early College High School
JV: Alexa Celedon & Angelina Gongora
Coach: Janice Omoge

DEBATE! Kansas City
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science
Varsity: Charlie McLaughlin & Riley Verdict
Coach: Jamelle Brown (NAUDL 2020 Coach of the Year)

Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate League (LAMDL)
Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy
Varsity: Jokim Bryant & Andrew Subingsubing (NAUDL 2022 Debater of the Year)
JV: Alliana Huertos & Christine Ze
JV: Frank Martinez & Angelica Santos
JV: Alliana Huertos & Christine Ze
Coach: Joy Yoneda

Elizabeth Learning Center 
Varsity: Priscilla Luna & Dyego Perez
Coach: Dean Howell (NAUDL 2021 Coach of the Year)

Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School
Varsity: Cindy Chanay & Kimtee Kundu
Coach: Gricel Diaz

Metro Memphis Urban Debate League
White Station High School
Varsity 1: Allie Maury & Ira Sharma
Varsity 2: Hope McClew & Aditi Mishra
JV: Catherine Cheng & Amy Zhang
Coach: Curt Rakestraw

Miami-Dade Urban Debate League
American Senior High School
Varsity: Abigail Rodriguez & Kelis Waye
Coach: Bernadette Chitolie

Miami Senior High School
Varsity: Marco Perez-Vazquez & Carlos Salcerio
JV: D’Jhanay Jones & Melanie Ramos
Coach: Yanelle Perez

South Miami Senior High School
JV: Conor Moore & Jeannie Paguaga
Coach: Jennifer Coco

Nashville Debate
Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School
Varsity: Hannah Chen & Matthew Maroney
Coach: Courtney Shultz

New York City Urban Debate League
Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences
Varsity: Sheima Ben Abdallah & Nicholas Zverinskiy
Coach: Lee Sharmat

Portland Urban Debate League
Leodis V. McDaniel High School
JV: Zane Emerson & Lesly Valdivia-Marquez
JV: Keegan Martin & Issac Pedersen
Coach: Derek Heath

Silicon Valley Urban Debate League (SVUDL)
Downtown College Preparatory El Primero High School
Varsity: Addis Arciniega & Edward Flores
JV: Fabiola Diaz & Marcos Herrera
Coach: Robert Burns

Tulsa Debate League
Tulsa Honor Academy High School
JV: Kelia Diez & Elijah Hancock
Coach: Benjamin Finkel

Washington Urban Debate League
BASIS DC Public Charter School
Varsity: Noemie Durand & Alexander O’Sullivan
Coach: Messai Yigletu

Charles Herbert Flowers High School
Varsity: Nathaniel Banjo & Emmanuel Makinde
Coach: Darrian Carroll

Chesapeake Math & IT Academy High School
JV: Precious Sobowale & Dailyn Wray
Coach: Jennifer Matson

Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School
JV: Ayotunde Ejiko & Haven Howard
Coach: Zachary Komlo

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