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2020 Debater of the Year Finalist Profile

Allen Avrakh

“Through debate, I have learned how to lead a team, how to teach people and how to make myself known.”

League: New York City
School: Leon M. Goldstein High School
College/Career Interests: Finance, Criminal Justice, Corporate Law

A shy student with an interest in politics, Allen Avrakh joined his high school debate team in hopes of “finding people like me.” It worked. Allen says his debate coach taught him how to embrace being himself, his partner become his best friend and his teammates taught him how to be a true leader. Additionally, the competition of debate tournaments gave him the grit to succeed and his newfound sense of self and resilience translated into other areas of his life. It helped him to thrive as a champion swimmer and to get elected to student government.  Allen says that through debate, he has learned that he can overcome anything — and that if he puts his mind and hard work behind achieving them, he’ll reach the outcomes that he desires in life.

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