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Alumni Perspective: Santos

The Debater, The Artist

June 19, 2020 – Personal Essay

Alan Santos (Santos)
Alum, Bay Area Urban Debate League
Saint Mary’s College

1st Mural – Fight the Power. 

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Before I knew or heard about debate, I was in a struggle. I was going through a thunderstorm of things. I did not know which way to go. I was on Survival mode, trying to reach the top of the mountain. I did not know that debate would give me that balance, ese Valor, esa Fuerza, to Fight the Power. Debate provided a path to the top, above the thundering clouds. This game, sport, activity is just as hard as a game of Chess. Nothing less. Debate built bridges for me, most importantly Hope. After graduating from high school those bridges became paths, and those paths turned into Missions. Everything I Know how to do is because of debate. I have traveled because of debate. I Know how to cut ties because of debate. I feel closer to my ancestors and my roots to my beloved Mexico due to debate. Mi Barrio de La Misión, San Francisco California benefits because of debate. The 415 taught me the game, but debate taught me how to master it. The lesson being “Know-ledge is dangerous, Debate is dangerous, but Independence is hazardous.”  Nonetheless a  Lotus Flower, raised in the mud but grand all along.  

2nd Mural – WHO I AM.

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I am a Luchador, El Santo Enmascarado. La mascara is what I use to express myself. The aegis I use to defend myself, the ammunition to fight the forces of oppression. A phoenix rising from the ashes, with the ability to overcome any Case, any Disads, any Ks. With a Fist so strong that turns into love. A shark in the waters ready to bite on a drop (arg). A Dragon with power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. The embodiment of untamed nature. The all seeing eye. The Ying and the Yang, a perfect balance to a galaxy of infinite finds. Debate and I.

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