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Students are Invited to Pitch their Ideas for Regulating Social Media as Part of a Project

Can Social Media Be Regulated?

November 30, 2021 (Cengnews) – The Debate, a Newsweek podcast, announced on Tuesday that it will collaborate with the creators of the documentary The Social Dilemma on a project that will encourage students to debate how to regulate social media companies in the future.

The Debate’s collaboration with Exposure Labs, the production company behind the 2020 documentary, was announced in a special episode that aired Tuesday morning. The National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, the Boston Debate League, and the Washington Urban Debate League are all listed as collaborators on The Social Dilemma Debate Project.

The project’s stated goals are to “create a new generation of strong debaters to combat the polarization, hate, and gridlock that characterize today’s culture and politics.”

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