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NAUDL Fellowship Helps Put Debaters On Career Paths Using Lawyers’ Advice

Hands-On Experience

July 25, 2023 (Newsweek) – Over the summer, the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL) is helping its debate alumni bridge the gap between early years in college and their first careers—via a paid job opportunity that combines hands-on work experience and professional mentorship.

The program was founded with the intention of “extending the life of the debater relationship” with NAUDL, the organization’s director of development, Madalyn Messer-Brooks, told Newsweek.

So often, former debaters lose contact with their leagues after they graduate from high school. NAUDL wanted a way to keep in touch with alumni to build their network and continue helping students.

Starting in 2020, NAUDL opened 10 paid internship opportunities to help recent alumni work on projects in Urban Debate leagues that would build leadership capacity and professional development while learning about different types of jobs they can pursue.

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