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RUNNER UP Dewayne C. Martin

2020 Debater of the Year Runner-Up

Dewayne C. Martin

“It has been my self-tasked responsibility to utilize debate as a platform to spark change in our community and hope for generations to come.”

Dewayne C. Martin, 2020 Runner-UP
School: American Senior High School
College/Career Interests: Public Policy and Economics

Meet Dewayne Martin, Miami-Dade debater, past UDNC Top Speaker, President of the National English Honor Society, and youth political leader. Dewayne founded his first debate team in the 7th grade. He followed that by founding a policy debate team in high school. For Dewayne, debate, along with literature, is a refuge and has served not only as a medium to mentor his peers, but has provided access to scholarship and internship opportunities. Through these opportunities, it seems Dewayne “impresses everyone he meets,” says his nominator,” and, she says, “he has a character that cannot be duplicated.”

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