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2022 Debate EXPO

Elevating the Urban Debate Network

NAUDL 2022 National Debate Expo 

October 22, 2022
Leadership Conference (Virtual)

October 28-30, 2022 
Round Robin Competition (Virtual)
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Established in spring 2021, the NAUDL Debate Expo is an opportunity for NAUDL to promote a flagship event centered around community and growth, and not just competition alone. As such, this unique event combines a round-robin competition with coach and student development.  This year, we will host an all-day Leadership Conference with dynamic guest speakers and thought-provoking discussions around the most pressing issues and opportunities for the Urban Debate Network. The Round Robin Competition will feature a varsity division, where the winners receive the Leonard A. Gail award, and a JV division.

We look forward to celebrating and elevating debate at the Expo!

*Note: This event is open to registrants from urban debate leagues affiliated with the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues.

Questions about the Expo? Contact  Taylor Beck at taylorbeck@urbandebate.org.


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