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"I Resolve" Public Debate Series

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The debate community is a unique combination of relationships and competition, teamwork and mentorship that connects participants in a lifelong network built around researching public policy issues and solutions. However, the riveting, fast-paced tournaments at the core of debaters’ training are not often witnessed by the community-at-large. I RESOLVE showcases the power of high school debate for a public audience while exploring some of the most pressing issues in our society through the perspective, voice and values of the next generation of leaders – high school debaters.

In its pilot run this fall, NAUDL presented the I RESOLVE Public Debate Series with five (5) league-hosted events, each one introducing a facet of the timely 2020-21 National Policy Debate Topic: criminal justice reform. Each event was a 90-minute virtual program centered around student arguments, expert feedback, discussion and Q&A via a panel of distinguished civic and community leaders from the respective host league. They were joined by a virtual audience of teammates, school district and league leaders, NAUDL and league donors, partners, and debate champions at each event.

All events in the series were complimentary thanks to the support of our generous sponsors. Congratulations to the participating students (and their coaches) and our thanks to the amazing panelists for their valued feedback!

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