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2020 Debater of the Year Finalist Profile

Nikola Stamenkovic-Diez

“Debate has inspired me to stimulate practical change in my community.”

League: Chicago Debates
School: John F. Kennedy High School
College/Career Interests: Civil Rights Law, Non-Profit Founder

Debate has inspired Nik Stamenkovic-Diez to become an inquirer, leading to a constant pursuit of knowledge around ideas left untouched in the classroom. Knowledge that not only impacts his approach and delivery in debate, but also in his role as an active leader in school community. Debate has also inspired and given Nik the space to explore his identity and to challenge societal norms. Nik says that debate has fostered a confidence in himself to grow increasingly comfortable with who he is and who he sees himself becoming — someone who has the tools to be a social advocate for structurally disadvantaged communities.

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