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Greg Ekey 4 years

Mental health / managing stress in debate workshop

It can be done at national or league level, recorded and provided to coaches

Give advice on managing stress of debate school life

Give stable resources for students to guide their issues - like study schedules etc.


Ongoing contests or programs (like topic prep) to maintain student interest and engagement / retain sense of normalcy

Resources for coaches to organize these sessions (ex: meeting calendar and prompts for prep leading up to speech contest)


Maintaining communication: debate team meetings, Slack, Discord - idea is to maintain the stability of debate team community

Debate team movie night - everyone watch movie about upcoming topic, seminar the next day with questions we could produce for coaches

Regular content schedule - memes, discussion posts (again, we can provide that for coaches to reduce workload and burnout)

Coaches need to supervise for liability / district legal purposes

Sticky'ing resources for students who need help - ex how to get help if abusive home, hungry, etc.

Coaches can't be the ones to intervene in home life - legal constraints and personal burnout...but they can bulletin board support resources


Student leadership - debate team leadership structure

Leadership roles help adherence to new format of virtual debate world - give students accountability / make them responsible for holding peers to new standard. Also minimizes risk of coach burnout.

Adding role to monitor student welfare

Giving guides for how to hold elections, when to hold them, what the roles are, etc.

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