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Greg Ekey 4 years

- What does it mean if folks have staggered school days? What if students are doing this all at home (equity and access)?

- Up to 6 schools can participate

- Ideal model: Students physically show up to their school to virtually debate students at another school

         - If not possible, schools are virtually gathered and after each round, gather together to talk through the round and have fun

- Intro: Community and team interaction

- Outro: Fun awards that are not based on how many debates you won

- We will not serve as many students at scrimmages as we do at tournaments

- Can have more of these scrimmages than tournaments

- Blocks as opposed to a full day (ex. 2 rounds on each day)

- Novices can show up and watch the debates; incentivize a community aspect

- Incentives: swag that you can only get by hitting a certain milestone

- Membership level (bronze, silver, gold) that you attain after X number of rounds

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