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Perspective: I RESOLVE

Be a Part of the Resolution

October 21, 2020 – I often say that the debate community is like no other. Across the country, relationships forged through competition, teamwork and mentorship, connect debaters in a lifelong network. If you have never been to the riveting, fast-paced tournaments that traditionally form the lynchpin of this community, it can be hard to put the experience into words. This activity differs from other after-school activities in ways that are not often experienced by non-debaters. To me, and I know many of you, this is a missed opportunity.

This evening, NAUDL will launch its new series of public debates: I RESOLVE — a five-city series of virtual debates designed to explore the most pressing issues in our society through the perspective, voice and values of the next generation of leaders. I RESOLVE provides a platform for students to bring topics they engage with in debate to their lived experiences — developed in an effort to address deeper personal and community contexts. Through this opportunity, students in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley will discuss specific facets of the 2020-21 National Policy Debate Topic: criminal justice reform. Hosted by each of the respective partner leagues, content will be centered around student arguments and subsequent feedback, discussion and Q&A via a panel of distinguished civic and local community leaders. The debaters and panelists will be joined remotely by an audience of student peers, school district and league leaders, NAUDL and league donors, partners, and debate champions.

I RESOLVE translates the debate topic into more than competition. It demonstrates the power of argument and touches on the positive impact of debate, along with the impressive skills and rhetoric of our students. Through engagement with a broader audience, and leveraging the insights and viewpoints of experts in a thoughtful conversation, I RESOLVE takes some of the magic of a debate tournament and translates it into a stage where all can see the power of debate. I RESOLVE will showcase a commitment to intentional discussion with the next generation of leaders and decision-makers, now and into the future.

As our community of valued supporters, I invite you to “be a part of the resolution” in this important dialogue. Learn more and register here. These are debates you won’t want to miss!  Join the conversation on social media: #IRESOLVE #urbandebate.

Rhonda Haynes
Executive Director

P.S. There is still time to sign on for sponsorship opportunities as well.

Our thanks to Massey & Gail LLP, the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of I RESOLVE.

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